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With a combined open and articulating hand support, The UE Ranger diverts the subtle pitfalls created by the rigid gripping requirements of traditional assistive motion devices such as pulleys, canes and finger ladders.

Distal efforts of gripping or hoisting of one’s arm (grip free pulley) requires an adequate proximal foundation to stabilize these actions. Conversely, the mechanisms of the UE Ranger provides a nurturing blend of fluid mobility support while simultaneously providing a graded continuum of demand, to therapeutically challenge and restore.

The action of gripping requires muscular co-contractions from the elbow distally, ultimately producing self- imposed impedances to free flowing mobility. Conversely, the UE Ranger supports unopposed fluid motion, thus providing coordinated communications to exist through the full kinetic chain.

The action of gripping to a painful shoulder is a reflexive equivalent of a protective startle response. Conversely, the UE Ranger provides freedom from apprehension to promote a healthy balance of neuro muscular communications and circulatory supply within the physiological demands of functional strengthening and reconditioning.

For an introduction to some of the design benefits of the UE Ranger please view these videos below.

“The UE Ranger is one of the most innovative tools a therapist can use to improve range of motion, strength, and coordination of both the orthopedic and neurologically impaired shoulder and upper extremity. The UE RANGER is ideal for post surgical shoulder rehabilitation or any acute shoulder dysfunction as it can be used for passive, active assistive, active, and resistive range-of-motion in functional planes at varying degrees of elevation, rotation, and scapular orientation.”

Sandy Burkart, PhD, PT

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